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The Puppet Master

  • Jul. 4th, 2011 at 12:24 AM

Title: The Puppet Master
Author: seraph05
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Warnings: Boys kissing.
Disclaimer: the things I would do if I owned these boys. Sadly I do not.
Summary: Erik and Charles go to talk to a mutant about joining their gang but get more then they bargained for.

The two men walked side by side down the dimly lit London backstreet footsteps clacking on the cobbles. The brisk night air made white smoke of each breath and the streetlights only afforded glimpses of each other’s face. A break in their conversation had left an easy silence in its wake. One man almost beamed with anticipation the other’s expression was less jovial. A few meters down the alleyway there was a dimly lit door with a wooden sign hanging just to the right that announced ‘The Red Lady’; the only evidence of the mysterious establishment. As they drew near to their destination the pensive man slowed to a stop. The other took 3 steps before realizing his companion had halted and turned flashing him a curious glance.

“Are you sure about this Charles?”

Charles’s eyebrows drew together gently though his smile did not falter.

“It’s unlike you to be uncertain Erik” he commented returning to his side.

“I just don’t fancy the idea of being trapped in a basement pub if this mutant doesn’t want our company” Erik replied casually.

“It’ll be fine Erik, you’ve got to learn to have a little faith” Charles said slapping his shoulders with one gloved hand before putting an arm around them and leading him to the door “Come on, I’ll buy you a drink”

The pair followed a narrow corridor of stairs down. The unmistakable sounds of gasses clinking, music playing and chatter rambling on grew louder till they reached the bottom of the stairs. The room that opened up before them wasn’t much different from any other pub on the street. The only thing that seemed to separate it from the rest was its location. The pub’s patrons carried on cheerily oblivious to the mutants amongst them.

Charles and Erik moved through the crowd and seated themselves on the stools at the bar. Erik leaned in close to Charles ear and asked

“Which one is he?”

Charles eyed each bar tender carefully skimming the lighter levels of their minds for the right man. Eventually he found the thoughts operating on a different wave length. It took him longer then usual to uncover the mutant and he wondered if this particular mans mutation involved blocking others out.

“That one” he replied nodding in the direction of a young man polishing glasses with his back to them. He was tall, wore old singlet and had messy black hair.

“Alright” Erik said, with a touch of finality in his voice. The pair where well versed in sharing their secret at this stage and with that one word and a nod from Charles they new it was time.

“Bar keep!” Charles called adding a touch of psychic link to his voice in order to make sure the mutant was the one that heard them. His head raised, he put down the glass he was working on and turned to face them.

A sense of disquiet stirred in the pit of Erik’s stomach at the sight of the mutant walking over to them. He looked as if he was in his late 20’s though rough circumstances had brought age on early with crow’s feet and fatigue evident. It was not his features that unsettled Erik, as aside from a small knick in one of his eyebrows he wasn’t even particularly distinguishable. There was something Erik could not place that made him wary. Charles did not share his sentiment.

“Yes hello my good man, I’ll have a scotch and dry and my friend here will have a martini,” Charles ordered handing over a few notes. The mutant snatched up the notes before mixing their drinks. When he returned placing the drinks down Erik nodded to him in thanks retrieving coins from his pocket.

“Here” he added casually holding his fist up “Keep the change as a tip” he opened his hand moving the coins slowly through the air to hover in front of the mutant. He stared blankly at them for a long moment before looking from Charles to Erik.

“My name is Charles Xavier and this is my associate Erik Lensherr” Charles introduced them “We’d like to talk to you about a program we’re running for people with special abilities; mutants-” Charles began to explain however before he could finish his well practiced speech the mutant simply collected the coins from the air and went back to his work with little more then a glare.

“Wh-?” Charles let out the breath gesturing to the mutant and looking to Erik for an explanation.

“Processing perhaps.” Erik offered with a tone that suggested he was lightly ribbing Charles before continuing with “Finding your not alone can take a moment to sink in sometimes”

Charles was unexpectedly dipped into the taste of salty water and a bite of cold from Erik’s mind before he drew himself back. He found occasionally he would slip into the lighter levels of Erik’s mind without even meaning to and catch echoes of feelings and memories. Tonight it was a remnant from the moment they met. Despite the spikes of failure at loosing Shaw and the bitterness of the water the memory had a distinctly sentimental sensation framing it and Charles couldn’t suppress a smile at how highly Erik ranked this memory amongst those of his life. Or how affectionately.

“What’s that look for?” Eric asked and Chares realized he had been staring at him at length.

“What look? This is my face” Charles exclaimed dramatically. Eric chuckled and pointed to Charles.

“That look that says you know something I don’t” He answered.

“I know a lot of things you don’t” Charles replied taking another sip of his drink to avoid divulging how much he knew about how Erik thought of him “No, I was just thinking about the night we met”

“What a coincidence” Erik said raising his eyebrows though his smile suggested sarcasm “I was just thinking about that”

“Really? Well you know what they say, great minds” Charles replied clearing his throat.

“Indeed” Eric agreed and thought for a moment before continuing with “The night we met…you make it sound like years ago”

“Well it feels a bit that way that doesn’t it” Charles asked thinking of the time they’d spent together.

“It does” Eric replied watching Charles with a gentle gaze. There was so little that was tender about the man that Charles felt he must remember this moment, engrain it into his memory. So he held the gaze for as long as it lasted and not for a second did discomfort enter into the space between them. Erik let a smirk move his lips then raised his drink towards Charles.

“To finding our brothers” he said and Charles clinked their glasses together with agreeable cheer.

“Hello professor”

The two men looked over to see a pretty young woman standing next to Charles. She had shoulder length red hair, fair skin and sky blue eyes. Charles remembered dating her for a while in college.

“Sophie!” He exclaimed beaming and sweeping her into a hug. From behind him he could hear Erik’s mocking thoughts

Are there any girls in London you haven’t slept with yet?


Not of the teenagers

“My dear Charles, what brings you to London? Another presentation for the faculty?” She asked tone soft and flirtatious.

“No I’m afraid I’m here on business”

“Oh” she sighed pouting, “I suppose you’ll be gone soon then”

“Sadly yes” he shrugged mindful of the mission they’d come to complete “Hate to be a pain Soph but how about I come chat to you in a little while? Your favorite drink still Sweet vermouth with a twist?”

“It is indeed and I’ll expect one to come with you” she replied eyes briefly touching on Erik “Hurry over soon”

“I’ll try my dear, I’ll try” He replied as she walked away and returned to her booth. Charles watched her go before swiveling on his seat to face the bar.

“I dated her in college and she’s not a teenager” Charles said without looking at Erik who nodded and smirked

“Well that makes it serious”

Charles snickered before taking the final gulp of his drink. He contemplated how strange it was that while his life’s direction was currently so unstable and his future so uncertain he had never been happier. He was meeting mutants, helping people, advancing his abilities and learning new things every day. He looked admiringly to Erik who was watching the mutant on the opposite side of the bar.

Though he had only met him a few months ago Charles felt he wished to keep him by his side always. He had never met anyone with as much fortitude, passion and insight. Erik’s thought patterns matched his own whilst still challenging him and supporting him at a base level. Deeper then in his mind, as deeply as in his heart and soul Charles knew how mutual this feeling was. An icy sensation jittered down his spine to the base of his backbone. Charles blinked.

His brow furrowed and he turned around to survey the pub. Something had shifted in the equilibrium of the room and it’s patrons. Charles scanned faces looking for it. Something was wrong. It was in their motionless expressions of delight, intoxication, shock and conversation that Charles found his answer. Everyone was frozen and Charles was suddenly alone. His heart shot into a speeding pace. He looked around at the band that had been playing on the stage, also frozen, leaving a heavy silence in their wake.

“Erik” he said under his breath as he scanned the room “I don’t like this one bit”

After a prolonged pause he looked to his silent companion who was still facing the mutant. His alarm grew; as he felt more vulnerable every second Erik’s response did not come. Somewhere in the pub there was a soundless hidden threat and Charles alone seemed immune, or perhaps separated and cornered.

“Erik” he repeated the word louder, continuing to survey the pub for an attack. When no answer replied he grabbed his arm and shook him lightly “Erik!? Erik!”

Finally, willing his mind to be calm, he reached into Erik’s thoughts.


Charles I can’t move

Charles stood behind Erik to place himself between his friend and the rest of the pub.

What’s happening?

I’m not sure

Charles it’s the mutant, look behind you!

With the wave of Erik’s concern crashing against him he whipped around to hear the only noise echo through the pub. It was the sound of a glass being placed on the bar. Behind the bar stood the bartender still drying glasses.

“You know…I’ve always wanted to meet mutants” He commented stacking another glass and combing his scruffy hair away from his face with his fingers. He made his way over to Charles and Erik “Pity you had to come while I was on shift but I decided not to let an opportunity like this go”

“So you are doing this” Charles spoke cautiously “What an impressive mutatuion you have”

“Why thank you and so do you. You’re the first person I’ve come across who hasn’t been affected by my powers. I get the feeling that that’s a two way street though isn’t it...Charlie?” He asked reaching a hand over the bar “Sorry I didn’t say hi before. I can be shy to start”

Charles took it with a great deal of caution and little hospitality. He made a few quick attempts to delve deeper into the mutants mind but found it partially blocked. His brainwaves leapt and jittered as if dodging Charles somehow. It would take more time and different tact’s to ascertain if he was truly blocked from the mutant’s mind. Time he did not currently posses.

“Why have you frozen Erik and these people?” Charles asked patiently sliding his hands into his pockets, forcing an outward show of composure.

“I haven’t really frozen them I just haven’t chosen to move any of them yet. They can see us and hear us but that doesn’t concern me too much because I did this for Erik” He said nodding in Erik’s direction and Charles followed looking to his friend “You see I’ve been looking forward to meeting another mutant because I’ve always wanted to try one out. Humans are only so much fun to mess with. I mean what can you make em do? Fight? Ruin each other’s lives? Boring and there’s no reality or passion in their actions. Just Fear”

The mutant’s casual nature shifted as placed the final glass onto the shelf and dropped the tea towel onto the counter. He began to step away from them putting distance between them.

“But there’s no fear in him is there Charlie?” The mutant asked. Involuntarily Charles thought of Erik, pulse beginning to speed. Deep in Erik’s core there was a scared child that was cold and alone but Charles knew that place was far too deep for anyone to reach. No, Erik was not afraid. Charles shook his head refusing to play the mutant’s game.

“Where are you going? I thought we where having a lovely conversation” Charles asked, mentally preparing himself for whatever was about to occur. The mutant let out an audible sigh as he finally stopped at the far end of the bar.

“While I think you’re no match for me in a fight Charlie, I didn’t want you having a go at me for what I’m about to do to Erik” he raised one hand as if raising an object off the bench and Erik’s arm lifted into the air. It was like an invisible rope was tied to his wrist. Charles nearly jumped at Erik’s sudden movement.

“Neat huh?” The mutant said though his tone had become lower and the humor had had vanished “but that’s child’s play, old hat. I’m sure you’ve seen it”

“Let him go” Charles warned tone serious as he slipped a hand over Erik’s raised shoulder “Our powers should be put towards the improvement of our lives, others lives, this world. They can be such positive things. Please let him go and we’ll talk about this”

“Oooh a humanitarian” he spoke watching Erik and bent his fingers just slightly, at that motion Erik’s palm spread open and a bottle opener lying on the bar lifted into the air much to the mutants delight “Wow! I didn’t know if that would work. Isn’t it amazing?” he added the last words sardonically “The ability to move metal…Must be a great come on”

“We didn’t come to fight you” Charles spoke raising his voice, beginning to feel his attempts to bring the mutant around where pointless. He knew he would have to start playing along with the mutant’s game if he was going to have any chance of stopping him.

The mutant lifted his arms like a conductor leading an orchestra. Erik then not only stood, Charles’s hand slipping from its spot, but he was up on the bar in one graceful movement. The mutant started singing a classic tune Charles quickly recognized as Strauss’s Blue Danube while Erik stepped precariously down the bar top away from Charles who quickly gave chase, snatching at his clothes in an attempt to grab him.

“Stop it!” Charles called to the mutant trying to reach Erik between the bar stools in his way. Erik gave a kick, sending a glass shattering into the far wall just flying short of crashing into a customer’s head while the mutant gave a clap and roar. Charles lunged at his legs narrowly missing them as Erik stepped out of the way. When Erik passed the tip jar the coins inside exploded out, smashing the glass and raining down onto the floor of the pub.

“I love this power!” The mutant shouted manipulating Erik to waywardly use bottle lids to smash the different coloured alcohol bottles stacked on the shelves behind the bar. He cocked his head to the side and pointed to Erik, “He looks a lot more sturdy then most I’ve messed with. How indestructible is he?” he pondered aloud then dropped his arms. Charles snapped out of his attempts to catch Erik and watched in horror. Erik’s body buckled falling first to smash against the bar before tumbling off it all together. Charles leapt to grasp him only just managing to save his shoulders and head from hitting the floor, the rest of his body colliding with a loud strike. He only caught a glimpse of a gash on his forehead before Erik rose again, along with the mutants arm. Charles latched onto his coat with both arms around his chest holding him still.

“I’ve got you” Charles spoke through gritted teeth, knowing Erik could hear him.

“I’m gonna bet that’s pretty indestructible” the mutant commented before swiping his hand out, Erik making a similar move however instead of whipping through air it battered Charles hard enough to make him let go and stagger back.

Charles fingers flew to his temple and entered Erik’s mind.

Erik are you alright?

A voice laced with annoyance replied

I’m fine. Why can’t you get inside his head and bring him down?

He’s blocking me somehow. I’m going to try to find out how he’s controlling you

Charles spoke quickly and reassuringly before searching through the levels of Erik’s mind. Strangely no motor functions where being employed by Erik at the time and the mutatant did not seem present in Erik at all. Charles knew this meant the mutant was using outside influence alone to make Erik move. Gathering his strength he began boosting Erik’s brain’s functioning capacity.

Outside the mutant gazed quizzically at Erik as his reactions to his manipulations lessened. There was a delay in the response between his command and Erik’s action. The mutant eyed Charles quickly, noting that he had stopped moving all together and seemed to be concentrating very hard on Erik.

“Taking a break?” The mutant suggested to Charles who remained silent. After a few moments of waiting the mutant began looking for his next plaything “Hmm those stairs could make some really nice art I’d bet” Inside Erik struggled to win back control of his body.

This little bastard isn’t giving me an inch. It’s like I’ve got ropes tied all over me, pulling me from all directions

Charles realized with start that the mutant was currently manipulating Erik to twist and yank at the stairs leading down to the pub and shape them into a spiral. Charles could see the brick foundations breaking and cracking, endangering everyone in the pub. Charles had an idea; if he was largely immune to the mutant’s attacks perhaps he could block Eric’s mind if he occupied it entirely. He stepped into Erik completely.

He gasped through Erik’s mouth breathing air into his lungs. He felt himself stretched to the points of Erik’s fingertips and toes till Erik’s body was his own. He could hear Erik and felt thrills of adrenaline and panic and wasn’t sure if it would be better to simply put Erik’s consciousness to sleep. He had little time to consider this and was more concerned with freeing Erik then keeping him clam.

Relax Erik, it’s just me. It’s just me

Warn me before you do that

Sorry, I think I might have a better chance of freeing you this way

He took a step back yanking hard on the unseen ropes and trying to ignore the utter and complete strangeness of moving in another’s body.

“I said let him go!” Charles spoke through Erik’s mouth the harsh edge on his tone like the chipped edge of a knife. Charles was surprised by how strong Erik’s body was however in spite of his physique he was still unable to pull away. Erik could now struggle, resist and stall but was not yet free.

“I’m not done with him yet!” The mutant grumbled like a petulant child and tried to shake Charles from Erik’s body by pulling Erik and pushing him every which way. Charles could feel Erik’s rage as if it where his own. He loathed to be controlled and his anger had begun to amplify his power. In the commotion metallic objects where beginning to lift off from where they where and crunch into oblivion. It spread thought the room even pulling and bending hooks and ornaments. The mutant gazed in wonder at it as it happened all around him.

“So anger amplifies it” He said to no-one in particular.

Charles could feel Erik’s fury as it burned though his very soul, smatterings of a history of helplessness. Erik’s anger had begun to affect Charles, he had never felt this kind of rage inside himself before. He fixed the mutant with a glare.

“If you do not release him immediately I will show you how it is to feel controlled and helpless” Charles spoke through Erik’s incensed feelings. The mutant gave an almighty yank and Erik’s body was thrown forward landing hard on his knees. Charles looked up from where he knelt in Erik’s shaking form and raised his arm hand open, the body’s reaction to a power being used.

“I warned you”

Charles’ mind battered into the mutant’s brainwaves attacking his consciousness with a greater force then he had ever used before for fear of injuring someone or himself. With the new emotions in him and Erik’s safety on the line Charles smashed through the mutant’s defenses. The brainwaves faltered under the weight of his strength before locking in with Charles. He was in control.

Darkness surged down around the mutant like water, plunging him into the deep and the pub vanished from sight. He cried out falling against the bar not knowing what it was and scrambled for air and light. He reached out, the bonds holding Erik down where long forgotten. A sharp gash of pain seared in his wrist and he clutched it to his chest. Charles staggered with the heaviness of the attack and his head pounded. The mutant breathed in a lungful of the dark liquid before he found himself on the pub floor on his back. His heart was pounding and he was gasping in a lungful of air. He gingerly gazed down at his wrist to discover it was free of injuries.

Not ten feet away hunched on the floor lay Charles. His face was pale and his breathing was broken and labored. He was utterly disheveled and had just hit the wooden floorboards hard. The ground was spinning and it felt like his very brain ached. His blue eyes however where watching the mutants closely.

“Hello” a hand fisted the mutant’s shirt lifting him from the ground and slamming him roughly into the bar. A fierce glare fixed him to the spot “My name is Erik Lensherr” he breathed punching the mutant hard in the gut causing him to snarl in pain “This is my associate Charles Xavier” he added with another heavy fist to the gut “You see we haven’t really met” He pulled his fist back again.

“STOP!” the mutant wheezed holding his stomach and chest in pain, “Stop! Look I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“What makes you think that that’s enough!” Erik asked fiercely opening his free hand and calling ice picks, knives and corkscrews to hover around them “You hurt Charles, you could have killed as all and you attacked us for no reason”

“I didn’t attack you!” he retorted and flinched averting his eyes from Erik’s. Erik grabbed him by chin and turned his face back so he couldn’t look away.

“Really?” Erik scoffed “It was difficult to see it that way”

“I just-I just wanted-” the mutant tried to get the words out while Erik nodded slowly.

“To test drive another mutant?”

“You just…you walked in here acting like you owned the place, showing off your powers like they where nothing!” He shouted “And that beautiful girl came up to you out of nowhere because life is that fucking easy for you isn’t it?! You got money, power, birds and what do I get?! This shithole job? This shithole life! I get to be the freak!”

Erik looked over his shoulder at Charles who was laying on the floor exhausted, still trying to catch his breath, complexion pale and almost green. Erik turned back and held his hand up. The suspended sharp objects quivered in the air.

“You know nothing about us” Erik said darkly, intensity flashing in his eyes.

“Erik” Charles’s weak voice called and he reached out towards him “Don’t. Don’t do it.

“I’m just going to teach him a lesson Charles” Erik replied glare never moving from those of the young mutant “He deserves it”

“No. He needs help. We can help him” Charles pleaded.

“Fuck off! I don’t need you! I don’t need anybody!” the mutant spat though the fright in his expression was as clear as day.

Erik stared at the mutant for a long moment before releasing him, weapons falling to the ground. Erik stood and made his way over to Charles.

“I was just messing with you a bit” The mutant growled rubbing his chin and neck. Erik pointed a finger at him in warning and the mutant raised both hands in reluctant submission “Sorry. Jesus”

Erik knelt by Charles’s side and took his hand concern evident in his expression. Charles used it to pull himself to sit up and Erik put an arm around his lower back.

“Lean on me” Erik said quietly. Charles let his weight rest against Erik’s chest and he lifted them to their feet. Charles felt his fingers grasping him tightly “Do you need to sit down?”

“No I’m fine thank you” Charles said a sense of safety and wellbeing encircling him. The echoes of anxiety from the other mutant’s mind and from his fears for Erik ebbed. The arms slipped away leaving warmth where they where and Charles eyed the mutant once more. He was looking around the pub.

“Why are they all frozen?” he asked referring to all the other people around them “I should have released them when I released you”

“I froze them so we could talk and so Erik could straighten out this mess” Charles explained gesturing to the chaos of the pub and Erik gave him a slight nod. He walked over to the mangled stairs and fixtures and began bending them back into shape. Charles walked over to the mutant and bobbed down beside him.

“What’s your name?” he asked, tone less easy going but still open. The young man eyed him with a sulky but subdued expression.

“My name’s Jack Wilson” he replied.

“And your mutation allows you to control people’s bodies” Charles speculated. He’d known the mutant would be formidable when he saw him in cerebro a few weeks ago but had no idea his ability would control so completely.

“Yes. It’s like I tie strings around them to make them move. They might be partially physical strings because they also paralyze the body while they are attached” Jack clarified “I haven’t been able to figure it out yet”

“Fascinating. No doubt we can ascertain the reality of their physical form if that’s what you want” Charles spoke with a hint of delight saying the next sentence under his breath “I’m sure Raven will come up with a brilliant nickname for you”

“What?” Jack asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Look as I was trying to say before, we have a program that we’re running right now. You can be paid to work as a mutant instead of in this pub if you like and you’ll get to meet other mutants. You won’t be singled out because the people who work with us are remarkable individuals. We can help you learn to better control and utilize your skills. We can discover things about you, you might not even know” Charles explained “We can make things better for you”

Jack stared at him at length. He then gazed at the bar and all it’s patrons. He looked at the rubble on the tables and floor that had been shaken loose from the ceiling when he had twisted the stairs. He saw a brick lying quite close to where a young man was standing. Coins where scatted throughout the room. When he looked at the chaos he had wrought he felt no pleasure. When he looked at the pub, the place he’d been working for years, he could conjure up nothing that would make him stay. He glanced back to Charles.

“What does this job entail?” he asked cautiously.

“Well how about you get behind this bar. I’ll erase these people’s memories of tonight and replace them with a memory of an exceptionally unusual and short-lived earthquake. I’ll fill them with an assurance that they are safe, unfreeze them and then we can chat about this like civilized men” Charles explained “How does that sound?”

“Sounds brilliant” Jack exclaimed and Charles helped him to his feet. He cringed as he straightened himself out, held his sore stomach muscles and moved behind the bar. Erik joined them and sat down on his bar stool. Charles looked out into the pub, closed his eyes and placed his fingers to his temple.

In no more then a minute the pub erupted with surprised voices and people uttering how lucky they’d been and how strange it was that an earthquake had shaken London in such a way. Charles turned back to the bar and noticed the blood on Erik’s forehead was still showing now surrounded by a bruise.

“You’re still bleeding” Charles said brow furrowing and pulled a hanky from his pocket. Gently he wiped the blood away, before handing the fabric to Erik who held it to the cut glaring at Jack.

“Really? How about that“ Erik growled at Jack who merely watched sheepishly from behind the bar.

“Don’t want to have to remove a pub fight from their memories as well” Charles said as a quiet warning to Erik, looking to see if anyone had noticed his injury.

“That mutation of yours is fantastic” Jack said with tones of admiration.

“Yes and I think that it is a very good thing that you can’t get to it” Charles spoke in a scolding tone ”At this place I’ve been telling you about there will be many other mutants with many amazing abilities. However you are not, under any circumstances allowed to manipulate them. Understand?”

“Yes” Jack replied.

“Now before we continue I believe you owe Erik and me a drink”

* * *

Into the early hours of the morning staggered two drunken men. The black sky had faded to the darkest of navy blues and somewhere not too far over the horizon the sun was beginning to rise. Charles pushed his hat back in an attempt to see better and fell against Erik who laughed and set him right.

“Jackie-boy isn’t half bad once you get to know him” Charles slurred cheerily “It was nice that he kept giving us free drinks”

“You didn’t do that?” Erik asked voice rising in surprise “I saw you move your finger to your temple a few times”

“No, no, not at all….well…yeah” Charles conceded but as Erik snickered he made a clumsy attempt at regaining some of his dignity “but only at the very end when he said he was shutting the pub and we had to go”

“Mmmmm and that makes it ok” Erik agreed trying to remain on the footpath as they made their way up the alley towards the main street. They knew the chance of getting a cab at this time was slim but neither cared.

“Do you think he’ll come?” Erik asked, a touch of soberness in his tone as he tossed a glance back at The Red Lady.

“I don’t know darling…we’ll have to give it time” Charles replied hoping the young miscreant would join their ranks to better himself. He turned half his body to stare at Erik. His eyes traveled unnoticed down the length of Erik’s body before he wrestled his mind back to safer subjects and the earlier hours of the night.

“You know this taking over other peoples bodies business seems to be quite a good idea. I did it cause I thought I would be able to block his control of you from inside your mind but it seems it was something in my brain’s psychical chemistry that allowed me to be spared. Still, I could see what you where seeing, hear what you heard I mean it’s quite the technique” Charles explained.

“It’s amazing how much coherence you can maintain whilst stonkered Charles” Erik commented.

“Well it could be really useful for spying on people! Think about it” Charles said as though it weren’t a request “though next time I think I will shut down the prime consciousness. It was troubling to have both of our minds controlling your body at once”

“Yes. Suddenly being confined to the space inside my skull and having nearly no feeling in my body was very troubling Charles, thank you for noticing” Erik thanked him, tripping as spoke. The young professor bent over with how hard he laughed at his companion’s lack of poise. Erik watched the young man laugh and broke out into a toothy grin.

Charles eyed Erik in the dim morning light. A car passed by briefly illuminating him and in that one second before he faded into shadows their chuckles still petering out Charles’s heart was filled with everything he felt for Erik.

He stumbled to Erik pushing fingers into the fabric of his shirt before tangling them into a loose fist and pulling them down. His other hand ran over the curve of Erik’s neck pressing into his skin. A surprised word didn’t escape Erik’s lips before Charles had pushed him against the nearby wall and kissed him. Though momentarily surprised Erik responded fusing their mouths and leaning down. His hands gripped Charles’s back lifting him to bring him closer. Charles breathed out through his nose issuing a hum of pleasure before slipping back to the cobbles. Erik grinned down at him swaying slightly and Charles returned the gesture.

“It was groovy sharing consciousness with you” Charles attempted to say smoothly and failed as his words blurred into each other “And your body as well”

“Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” Erik deadpanned as he turned a snickering Charles back towards the street “Let’s go home”

Erik felt nothing existed outside the alley that echoed with their mirth. For a moment there was no greater purpose then simply to laugh in each other’s company. There was no uncertain future or bleak past. There was only the time spent together attempting to walk, holding each other for support, and stumbling all the way to the corner at the end of the winding alleyway.

A/N: The first time I saw X-Men FC I was immediately struck by how extendible this storyline was. There are so many weeks/ events/ moments/ relationships and stories that could be explored in much greater detail. My immediate fave was Erik and Charles looking for mutants. I mean how many mutants would they have visited? They never specified how long they looked for but just cause they only rustled up like 5 doesn’t mean they didn’t visit heaps more! That’s heaps of encounters with heaps of people with heaps of powers. It wouldn’t have always been easy. Anyhow I’ll cease the ranting and just suggest that there should be many more of erik-and-charles-looking-for-mutants fics.



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