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LLW The Resistance Chapter 1

  • Jun. 27th, 2010 at 11:22 PM

Title: LLW The Resistance Chapter 1
Author: seraph05
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Patrick/pete
Warnings: Swearing, low levels of violence
Disclaimer: I still don’t own these guys. It’s been so long. I mustn’t be trying hard enough.
Summary: Patrick is the leader of the resistance against the light zombies: the lumen. They capture a lumen to study it and in so doing learn to better defend against the lumen. However Patrick does not expect how the lumen will affect him.

Chapter 1: The Resistance

It had been a long time since such unrest had infected the inhabitants of Base 5. The fear was carried from one person to another like a virus spread with words. They had heard a lumen had been captured and brought into the base, their last haven. It was a dangerous move and while the decision had not been made lightly they resented it. The leader of the resistance in Base 5 went to meet the hunting team half way to the holding cell. He waited in the empty hall that had been cleared for the creatures passing. He watched the lights that lit the metallic grey corridor, every third one red to warn of the danger in the area. His right hand hung on the holster on his hip, which did not carry a gun but instead carried a large torch. It wasn’t long before a hunting team of four rounded the corner dragging with them the lumen. The team all dressed in ragged white stood in stark contrast to the lumen that was all in black. He struggled against the hands that held him making angry grunting noises. He yanked at the white knuckled fists that grasped his black hoodie. His tattered sneakers scrabbled and pushed against the ground. All the while his shoulders where arched and his chin pinned down to his chest hiding his face.

“Good job, it looks like you’re wearing him down”

The hunting team of four looked up to see their leader waiting.

“Patrick! Sorry it took us so long to get him down here, he knocked one of our team out on the way” The youngest of the four explained trying to stand to attention only to be shoved sideways by the arm he was holding.

“Who was it?” Patrick, their leader, asked sliding a pair of goggles over his eyes and adjusting the lens with a tiny leaver on the side.

“It was Urie. He’ll be fine” the youth replied trying harder to get a grip when suddenly the fabric twisted out of his grasp. The lumen reached forward and with a heavy sweep of his arm knocked the boy backwards. His unblinking eyes then turned on Patrick. He did not have visible eyes but instead had two pin prick lights that shone out of his pale impassive face. The intensity of their light magnified when meeting Patrick’s glare. Patrick drew his torch clubbing the lumen hard across the face. He then flipped it; clicked it on and grabbing the lumen by the neck shone the light into his face. With a cry the lumen fell back trying to shield his eyes and in that moment Patrick saw his features properly. Recognition sparked in Patrick’s expression as the hunting group wrested the lumen back into submission. Once they had him on his feet again Patrick reached out gripping the front of the lumen’s hoodie.

“Come on” Patrick barked dragging him forward while the boys restrained him as best they could. They reached the holding cell quickly and once inside they chained the lumen the ground with handcuffs. The cell was spartan; it’s only distinguishing features being a large one way mirror on the right wall and the steel loop welded to the ground which now held the lumen’s handcuffs in place.

“Alright, Deleon, you’re on guard for the moment. The rest of you are dismissed for the time being” Patrick said staring at the lumen that was now raking at his bonds.

“Thank you Patrick!” 3 of the group replied before filing out.
“Not that I mind sir, but aren’t you staying here? I thought you where going to begin the tests tonight?” Deleon asked. Patrick watched the blood that was trickling down from the wound the lumen had received from his torch.

“The tests that start tonight will be overseen by my team of researchers. There are some things I need to clarify with the other leaders so I have to leave for an hour or so. I’ll send down a guard to replace you while I’m there” Patrick answered “if anything happens report it immediately”

“Yes sir” Deleon said firmly as he and Patrick exited the cell locking the door behind them.

* * *

“What the fuck are you trying to pull?” Patrick spat down the radio transceiver as he paced in his office “What do I mean? Don’t play dumb with me. I know him, you know him!” There was a long pause as Patrick listened to the reply swiping a tennis ball off his desk and squeezing it.

“How did you find him? Why did you send him here? No you sent him here. He was caught at your base and sent here. I know it was the collective decision of the leaders to capture a lumen but why this one? Don’t dick me around Gabe” Patrick fired the questions hotly down the line shoving the tennis ball back onto the desk and moving over to his bookshelf. As he listened to the answers his eyes flicked over names and objects before they came to a photograph in an old wooden frame.

“There must be someone else” Patrick said “his mum, his dad, his wife” he reached up pushing the frame so it fell flat.

“Last time I checked you weren’t difficult to locate” Patrick spat moving back towards the chair behind his desk.

“Sure, yeah. Look I gotta make an announcement, fix all this fucking mess. We’ll talk later. Bye” Patrick finished shortly cutting off the radio signal. He sat behind his desk and massaged his temples. He slipped his goggles off and back around his neck. Patrick felt his agitation settling down as his eyes fell upon a well-used record player in the corner of his office. He checked the clock on his wall and decided to take a short break before he returned to his duties.

It was important to remain relaxed and composed a goal Patrick aspired to at all times. He pulled out the handle, inserted it into the side of the player and gave the machine several cranks. He then placed the large vinyl disk onto the player with care and gently set the needle on the record. A few soft static clicks emanated from the gramophone before Roberta Flack’s soulful voice came on. Patrick closed his eyes a hum that matched her tune vibrated on his lips. He sauntered slowly over to the small bathroom leading off from his office and turned the light on inside. He felt justified in having the only bathroom in an office in the base due to the fact that he tended to spend more time there then in his room. He filled the basin with water before splashing it on his face and neck. He slicked some through his hair and let the cool sensation calm him further. In the mirror grey eyes stared back and he studied his reflection.

Dark blond strands of wet hair lay along his forehead some reaching down to his sharp eyebrows. Cheekbones slid down to a curved jaw where stubble was scattered. He frowned counting how many days it had been since he left his room. He sighed deeply realizing it had been roughly a week and snatched a razor and some shaving cream from the side of the basin. 20 minutes later Patrick left his office a determined look presiding over his fresh shaven face.

* * *

“Good evening. This is Leader 5 Patrick Stump speaking” Patrick’s voice crackled over the speakers which reached to all corners of the base “I’ll just be interrupting the Trohman Radio Show with a quick announcement. I understand that there have been a lot of rumours going around about the lumen which is now within the confines of this base. I wanted to explain the situation so no confusion occurs. We have caught a lumen to study it and learn its behaviours. In this way we can become more efficient in repelling and controlling them. Once we have finished conducting our research the lumen will be removed. In the meantime he will be restrained and under constant surveillance. Floor 10 A is now a restricted area. There will be severe punishment dealt to anyone who causes trouble for the researchers or disturbs the lumen. If you have any concerns please call this radio station and we will do our best to dispel them. Thank you and goodnight”

Patrick finished the report and handed the mike back over to Joe Trohman who took it with an appreciative nod. He and Patrick knocked fists and smiled. Patrick then stood, exited the radio booth and began to make his way down to the holding cell. He had to be debriefed before calling it a day. He soon reached his destination and saw the research team was already in the small observation room to the right of the holding cell. He pulled his goggles back on then entered the observation room greeting the team that would aid him in his study.

The observation room was dim and most of the light inside came from the monitors situated on the tables at front of the room next to the window. In the corner of the room there was a basic shelving unit that held scientific and medical supplies. Next to the shelving there where a few different machines on wheels. There where five swivel chairs 3 of which where being taken up by the researchers. They had been monitoring and recording the lumen’s behaviours for the few hours Patrick had been absent. Each of the three researchers was also wearing protective goggles despite the one-way 3 inch thick glass that separated the o-room and the holding cell. One of the team stood and walked briskly over to him.

“Good Morning Patrick. My name is H. Williams and I am the head researcher of this team. 3 years into a pathology coarse just before the lumen took over” she said as she gave his hand a firm shake. She was the only woman of the team; young and with fiery red hair “This is York and Davis who where studying to become scientists”

“Thank you Williams good to know…Morning?” Patrick asked with a frown as he shook their hands.

“It’s 3 am,” York added.

“She’s very precise” Davis agreed.

“Sweet, we need that. Let’s get down to business then. Give me a break down of what you’ve got so far” Patrick said looking back through the window at their captor. The lumen sat cross-legged with his head bowed so low it almost touched the ground, face completely hidden except for the hint of light emanating from under the edges of his hood.

“Well he took a long time to tire” Williams sighed as she and her fellow researchers returned to their seats and began reviewing their notes “It took him…2 hours, 10 minutes and 23 seconds from when we arrived to stop moving. Taking into account he reportedly struggled since he was captured that would make up about 6 or 7 hours of constant high level activity. Therefore we can pretty much abandon the early theory that lumen are retiring predators that only hunt for brief periods in time. He hasn’t said anything yet so communication is still in question. We’re not sure if he can speak or if conversation is limited to a lumen based ‘light’ language.” She said making the inverted commas with her fingers “emotional responses have been minimal and even when angry little expression is shown in his face so we are currently only speculating the depth of his intelligence and feeling. Until we hook him up to some machines we’re not going to be able to judge much of the strength of his emotional or intellectual responses. But the events that occurred during the Ready Set incident suggest lumen are higher function beings. When there is no researcher present here there will be a Guard stationed outside the holding room door. There will always be a Guard on standby upstairs in case an emergency occurs. We’d need only call him down over the radio transceivers”

“We have yet to sedate him to take samples or conduct any intellectual tests but we have been writing a program and this is a running copy of it” Davis added handing Patrick a spreadsheet.

“Thanks for getting me up to speed. According to your current copy of our schedule I’m not going to be needed here again till tomorrow morning” Patrick said as he scanned the chart.

“That’s right. We’ve been ordered to arrange your participation in the emotional and intellectual tests by the other leaders. You don’t have to be present for the other tests if you do not wish” York explained “And of corse you are allowed to come here any time you please, we will not always be conducting experiments, so you can study him alone and you can review any of the security tapes taken at any time”

“Alright, sounds good. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you tomorrow” Patrick replied folding the piece of paper away and slipping it into his back pocket. When he looked up he was surprised to see apologetic looks avoiding his gaze.

“What’s the matter?” Patrick asked.

“We’re sorry about this Patrick. About explaining rules to you in your base. You’re the leader here and we believe in you but this experiment was a collective decision of all the leaders so we have to play by the collective rules” York said softly. Patrick watched them for a moment before stiffening up and replying with a brisk but hearty

“It’s perfectly fine; you’re just doing you jobs. No hard feelings I promise”

The team lit up at this comment and they said their farewells. Once outside Patrick leant on the wall leading away from the o-room in silent thought. He turned to leave but paused. He was glad to be alone in his indecisiveness. Finally he took a few steps back to the holding cell door, which had a large circular window in it. A few feet from him inside the room the lumen sat with it’s head on the ground facing him. Patrick watched him at length before unconsciously his hand came to rest on the door. As the palm of his hand pressed against the cold metal door the lumen began to move. His head rose soundlessly off the ground following his line of sight across the floor, up the door and to the window. Calmly the creature watched him. The blood on his cheek from Patrick’s attack earlier had dried. Patrick turned on his heel and walked away.

* * *

He plodded heavily up the stairs to the hallway where his bedroom was, his footsteps where the only sound accompanying him. At this time of night everyone was asleep in the Base 5 colony except maybe those who where watching movies in the media room. However that room was on the other side of the base, away from the sleeping quarters. Patrick had yet to see if his announcement or time had calmed the citizens down yet but he hoped he’d be able to tell at breakfast how morale had changed. He opened the door to his room and stared into the darkness inside. Patrick knew in the shadows there were a bed and all his things. The soft light from the hall highlighted certain objects on his bedside table and shelving. Gloss gleamed on an acoustic guitar at the back of the room. He leaned back, locked the door and walked on.

A few minutes later he was sinking into the chair behind his desk in his office. He threw his jacket off and un-tucked his white t-shit so it hung comfortably over his pants. He tilted the chair as far back as possible and dimmed the lights to almost nothing. He took his torch off and placed it on the desk next to him. He pulled the goggles down from the bridge of his nose and rubbed the pink rings they had left indented around his eyes. He gazed around his office till his eyes fell on the space that that photograph had left. Patrick now realized the futility in knocking it down. In its absence a dark spot where the light had not shone for years had been left. It was a shadow of what was passed. His arms slid around his stomach and he leaned back in the chair eyes sliding closed. It wasn’t long before visions of gleaming stares and horrors flashed under Patrick’s eyelids and a queasy anxiety stirred behind his arms. He pulled them tighter and prayed for morning.

* * *

When Embraces Where Easy

Patrick sat with Pete, his best friend, at the flight lounge of the LAX airport.

“So I guess this is goodbye for a little while, kid” Pete said replacing what had been a quiet few moments between them.

“You’re still calling me that?” Patrick sniggered.

“Only till you’re 30 and then it’ll be baby till the day we die. You keep getting younger remember? I’m the one that gets older” Pete replied cheekily.

“Stop watching Benjamin Button” Patrick warned, “All you ever do on plane flights is sit down, select and hit repeat”

“But it’s like non-stop distraction city. Brilliant for flying” Pete declined with a smirk.

“Geez you love long goodbyes” Patrick exhaled.

“All the slower to get away from you my dear” Pete said patting Patrick on the knee. There was a long pause.

“Is this gonna work?” Patrick asked. His voice was carefully crafted to lack any emotion. It was just a question and he knew he could deal with any answer, because if they had already made the decision to go their separate ways the answer didn’t really matter. Patrick had his career. Pete had his family. All the same while the words left his mouth, something deeper in Patrick was what asked it.

“Of course it’ll work, it’ll be fine. I’ll call you every day; you won’t be able to shut me up. I’ll fly over to see you, you’ll fly over to see me. We’re just an hour or two away from each other. You’ll be sick of me, I promise. This break’ll finish, we’ll start touring again and then not long after we’ll kill each other from spending too much time together” Pete answered in length. Patrick listened nodding and agreeing and eventually laughed. Patrick then turned his gaze to the well-manicured carpet in front of him.

Pete hugged Patrick and Patrick leaned into him with a smile.

“You’ll see”

End Scene

* * *

The bases radio crackled to life. The first song that played was the Hallelujah cover by Jeff Buckley and before it was done Patrick was awake and waiting to hear the morning show with W. Beckett. He remembered the day Beckett had begun to run the morning show. It had not been long after the last soldier of the army who once inhabited his base disappeared. The last had stayed for so long, taught them so much before he was gone. Patrick glanced over at a sports calendar on his wall, every page of which was adorned with motivation quotes (though Patrick didn’t really see how ‘You can’t hold back the mighty waves of the ocean so grab a surfboard’ was motivational). On the corner of the page currently hanging was a mention of what year it was. The year however was scribbled out and re-written many times. At present it read 2010 in Patrick’s handwriting. Under the current day scribbled in a big red texter was the letter


Patrick shut his eyes and let out a quiet groan. He hadn’t checked the calendar for a long time but suspected R day was coming up. He thought of the lumen in the basement, which might afford him a worthy enough excuse for skipping breakfast. His mind then ran to his responsibility to the base but in the end it was the memory of that last solider that dragged him out of his chair. He left his office and stopped by his room for a quick shower and a change of clothes. He didn’t stay longer then 10 minutes before pulling on his jacket and exiting his room. On the way to the mess hall he polished his goggles. The rims soon became a glossy copper colour and the adjustable lenses that reduced light moved more smoothly when clean. He checked the batteries in his torch, though this was more of a task to distract him rather then make him more presentable. At the final corner before the mess hall he tucked his t-shirt in, took a deep breath and prepared himself. Then he walked through the doors.

Stretching out before him was a wide mess hall with table after table of the inhabitants of 5. It was 9 o clock in the morning and break fast was being served. One thing Patrick was proud of about his base was the food available there. There was a wide range of options and as the seasons changed so did the food. This was largely due to the fact that Base 5 was the only one out of the other 4 with a small farming area inside. For such an early hour the people of 5 where quite rowdy and when they saw Patrick come into the hall they set their sights on him. A wave of spoons and forks whacking metallic plates and slamming benches rung out until it became a drum beat of a thousand or so strong. Patrick smiled brashly and waved as he headed over to the forklift that was kept in the hall for announcements. With a quick jump he was on it and raising it just above the level of the tables so that everyone could see him. Hanging from the side of the forklift was a megaphone and Patrick picked to up to address the crowd.

“Good morning Base 5!” He said as its inhabitants cheered and Patrick felt relief sink into his stomach. He was glad to see their mood had improved. Last time he had to deliver an announcement he had received little more then displeased glances. He spoke again, his voice projecting through the megaphone loud and slightly distorted.

“So it’s R day again, the anniversary of the beginning of the resistance” he called out as they all calmed down to listen “Never underestimate a kids power or strength” He said earnestly taking his time with the words he had prepared “It’s been 7 years since this all began. 7 years since people started disappearing. First in Sweden, then in Bombay, as far away as Melbourne before people began to disappear here too. The day we lost contact with Europe was terrifying” Patrick paused “but we persevered. We followed what rules where given to us and believed the best outcome would occur. We saw the faces of our predators, the Lumen, glowing in the night and we saw them take those we loved. 3 years ago the army brought us here to these five military bases. The last of the people they could gather up in America as quickly as possible. Our new home, a place where they said we’d be safe. They thought we’d forget the past because in their eyes kids forget but we don’t. We remember. Day by day, month by month the adults disappeared. The soldiers, the generals, our parents who we will never forget disappeared. We took up the slack, we began to work hard, we learned what we had to and we became what we needed to be strong. 2 years we’ve been together without an adult to hold the fort and we have thrived. In the forests that have crept up around us we have learned to hunt. In this building of grey steal we have painted murals. We have breathed life into the lifeless and we will never forget why we are here or how hard we had to fight and work to thrive as we do. We will not let the lumen take us or break us. We will shine our own light into dark places until the darkness is gone! This is the way we live on Resistance day! This is the day we never forget!”

The hall erupted into cheers and Patrick wondered how long their exuberance would last. He hoped it was at least until he could get the lumen out of the base. Outwardly he was the picture the confidence and optimism.

“Today on R day all food will be free, no ration cards needed” Patrick called to the delight of the crowd and with every sentence their happiness grew “the pool will be free, the arcade games will be free and running from 9 to 9 and anyone who works today will have these privileges tomorrow. Enjoy, celebrate! This is our day”

With that Patrick lowered the forklift and was met by some of his friends and co-workers. After shaking hands and having a chat he was invited to breakfast. He checked his watch briefly to find he still had some time left before he had to head down to the first test. Breakfast became a gloomy discussion of politics and power plays and Patrick soon found himself quietly tapping his foot under the table and pushing his food around his plate.

“So Patrick, I heard this whole lumen business was dropped in your lap by the other leaders, you must be pretty shitty about that” One of the people at his table said snapping Patrick back to attention. It was Marshall, a young kid that had recently become part of the hunters.

“No at all” He replied with a smile “The leaders vote on any important decision and we voted on weather or not to study the lumen. It is becoming necessary to know more about them, we no longer have contact with anyone outside America and our contact doesn’t stretch much further then the 5 Bases. We really don’t know if there are any people left in the world beyond us. If we are looking to preserve what’s left of the human race we have to be able to combat the lumen better then we have been so far”

“That’s all good and well but practically no-one has been taken in a year” Marshall said but there was a strange tone in his voice “Didn’t the leaders think it would be safer not to run the risk of breaching a base?”

“The disappearances have lessened because the lumen prefer adults. I’m 26 and I’m one of the oldest people in the bases. The oldest is 29. We don’t yet understand why the lumen take the older people but we are all living safely on borrowed time” Patrick explained “In 8 maybe 9 years none of us will be safe”

“That’s not the only reason though is it” Marshall asked staring at Patrick. Patrick held his gaze for a long time before Marshall added, “What happened at the shack 4 weeks ago? What’s The Ready Set incident?” Everyone at the table eyed Patrick warily waiting for his reply or at least his reaction. Patrick held his cool expression and replied simply with

“Recent events have caused us to move forward with the Lumen project. I am not at liberty to discuss the details of The Ready Set incident” he then stood briskly addressing the rest of the group before leaving the table “I’ll see you gentlemen later”

He was nearly at his office before he showed any emotion. He gritted his teeth and slammed the side of his fist into a wall he was walking past. The sound echoed around him and he continued to walk the throbbing in his hand distracted him. His fingers had wrapped around the door handle leading to his office when at his hip his radio crackled to life.

“Patrick, Patrick” Williams voice called through the static and Patrick unhooked it bringing it to his mouth.

“Leader 5 Patrick speaking, what’s the situation?” Patrick asked.

“It’s not exactly a situation” he heard her voice say with some reluctance “…the Lumen likes music”

* * *

Williams opened the door for Patrick as he strode into the o-room, goggles pulled over his eyes. Brief greetings where shared between the researchers as Patrick joined their group. He took a seat and stared into the holding cell. Inside the Lumen was pulling at his bonds again. He struggled with far less vigor and consistency then the day before. Patrick noted the cuffs on his wrists where beginning to leave bloody cuts and bruises. It was hard to see the Lumen’s expression but Patrick saw fatigue in his movements and that worried him. If they where to study the Lumen they needed him to stay alive and they had not yet discovered what he needed to function. The idea that he might die affected Patrick in a way that worried him but he quashed the queasiness in his stomach and turned to the research team.

“Give me a report of this morning’s events,” He said pulling a note pad out of one of his pockets.

“We came in at 7 this morning to begin some basic tests, take some samples and see what we could discover about him biologically. Resting body temperature and heart rate, blood type, breathing capacity, chemical levels however every time we set foot inside the holding cell he went berserk. We couldn’t even get close to him for fear of one of us getting hurt. He struggled violently to the point where he began bleeding. We tried everything to calm him down” Williams explained before Patrick cut in.

“What methods did you try?” he asked scribbling down notes.

“We tried talking to him, dimming the lights, brightening the lights and using sleeping gas on him. None of which worked, we where just about to call up the armory to bring down a tranquilizer when suddenly he became calm” Williams continued unable to mask her retrospective surprise.

“At first we couldn’t understand what had happened and why he had relaxed but then in the quiet, without all the noise he was making we heard the radio from the hall” York explained.

“He was swaying slightly, just slightly and we where able to enter the room without him becoming hysterical” Davis continued, “His expression was still blank and he didn’t seem to be outwardly any different except for the movement”

“It’s difficult to get sound down here, the best we can do is open the holding cell door so the radio from outside comes in but we don’t really want to risk breach” York said and with a deep sigh added “god I miss ipods, sexy little machines that they where”

“What time did you hear the song that effected him?” Patrick asked.

“About 9 o clock, it must’ve been the first song of the day” Davis answered “We would’ve written down what it was but by the time we realized it was the music was what was effecting him that song was finished”

“No need it was the Hallelujah cover by Jeff Buckley. I woke up to it this morning. He doesn’t seem calm right now, what happened?” Patrick questioned again.

“There’s a radio show on right now and we’ve already established talking doesn’t get through to him” Davis replied.

“The key to keeping him calm and to begin proper testing on him may lie in music” Williams finished.

Patrick scribbled down the last of his notes and turned to stare in at their captor who was now periodically yanking at the chains. With every tug the chains crunched under the pressure and his raw wrists jarred. Patrick watched him in silence though every crunch crashed in his eardrums. Patrick stood and put the notepad down on the desk in front of him.

“First aid kit?” Patrick asked Williams. She stared at him for a moment before pointing to a white box on the shelving unit in the corner. He strode past the researchers lifting the box off the shelf and then walked back out the door of the o-room. He stood in front of the holding cell door, turned the small leavers on the side of his goggles to reduce the light and slipped inside the holding cell. The Lumen stared up at him and ceased pulling on the chains though a low growl issued from the back of his throat. Patrick stared down at him pausing just inside the doorway. Immediately through the speakers he heard Williams voice on the microphone that allowed the o-room to communicate with the holding cell.

“Patrick, what are you doing?” she asked, her tone slightly concerned.

“Testing a theory,” Patrick said warily, keeping his eyes on the lumen “Watch him”

“Ok” came her voice and then the speaker went quiet. He couldn’t help noticing the reluctance in her tone.

Patrick studied the lumen’s posture and movement carefully.

“Hey” he said holding one hand up just above the height of his waist. The lumen didn’t respond “You hungry?” Patrick took a step forward and the Lumen shifted back shoulders lifted in a defensive way.

“Gabe wanted me to say hi,” Patrick continued lowering his hand as he took a step closer. The lumen lightly beat the ground with his palm and Patrick paused. He couldn’t decide if it was a warning or an attempt at communication. He waited and the lumen beat the ground again. Slowly over the space of 10 minutes the beat became less sporadic and more even to the point where Patrick was sure it wasn’t a warning. Patrick felt the beat was something he should remember. It was so simplistic and yet so familiar. He wracked his brains while the lumen continued posture slouched. He reminded Patrick of a child focusing very hard on the task at hand.

“Patrick what’s going on?” Williams’s voice asked softly over the speakers but despite her tone the lumen jumped, startled out of his pace. He shouted irately at the speakers before slumping back to his sitting position, head bowed. There were a few moments of silence before Patrick pressed his lips together and hummed. Another longer silence ensued before Patrick hummed again. The lumen looked up. Without moving his gaze he pressed his palm to the cold floor and with great concentration began the beat again. Patrick continued to hum the song he remembered. He remembered a word here and there of the lyrics but mostly he just held the tune. As Patrick hummed he began to move again stepping nearly on every second beat. He walked slowly and cautiously but the lumen didn’t react. He seemed completely absorbed in keeping the beat. Patrick lowered himself to his knees when he was within two feet of the lumen.

Patrick opened the white box he’d brought, still humming and pulled out some bandages and gauze. He looked down at the lumens hands and decided to bind the right one first since it currently wasn’t keeping the beat. He gingerly reached out towards the lumens right wrist a pad of gauze in one hand and a bandage in the other. His heart beat was speeding up and he could feel sweat beginning to gather on his brow. He tried to think souly of the song he was humming and not show any outward signs of distress. Though lumen where largely mysterious creatures Patrick knew most predators didn’t respond well to displays of fear. The tips of Patrick’s fingers touched the lumens skin and the lumen immediately hissed through his teeth. Patrick raised his gaze to see how frighteningly close he was to the lumen now. If the lumen wanted he could attack Patrick with relative ease.

The lumen’s face was set in the same detached expression he’d had since he’d been brought in. Patrick thought he detected a hint of melancholy in his slightly downward turned lips. He had a beard and a small tuft of hair sticking out from under the crown of the hoodie. Patrick began to repeat the song as he turned back to the lumen’s wounds. Patrick was almost certain the hiss had been an expression of pain not aggression. He wrapped each of the lumen’s wrists in bandages. He then pulled the sleeves of the lumens hoodie down through the handcuffs and over his hands to help protect his wrists from the handcuffs. Once this task was completed he turned to the cut on the lumen’s cheekbone. The blood had dried and the skin around it was an angry red. Patrick splashed a little disinfectant on a cloth and reached up wiping the blood off his cheek. Patrick felt lightness in his chest he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Old song, Wentz” Patrick murmured gently as the cloth touched the wound.

Suddenly a sharp shoulder bashed into Patrick’s chest and he fell landing on his back. He quickly made to get up but just as he found his footing the lumen’s foot cuffed him across his cheek knocking him back down again. His goggles where shoved down on one side and he quickly pulled them back up. He flicked out his torch and held it up ready to switch it on. His eyes darted back to the lumen that had rolled over onto his side in order to kick at Patrick again. Patrick took a step back and was beyond the lumen’s reach. The lumen struggled for a moment or two before slumping to the floor. He shuffled back as far from Patrick as possible and lay watching him. All this happened within a minute and the door swung sharply open a second later. Davis stood in the door way drawing his torch. Patrick turned and held his hand up gesturing for him to stand down.

“It’s ok! I’m fine, the disinfectant on the cloth must’ve stung his wound and set him off” Patrick explained as he and Davis both placed their torches back in their holders. After a few minutes of letting their heartbeats return to normal Patrick looked over at the one-way glass and asked “Williams did you get all that?”

“Yes, I’ve got a few questions for you” her voice came over the speakers and Patrick nodded. He and Davis returned to the o-room, locking the holding cell door behind them. Patrick expected to be met with a fiery glare from his colleges but instead their eyes where practically dancing.

“That was terrifying but fascinating” Williams said with a sigh.

“Do you realize you’re probably the first human to communicate with a lumen” York said excitably.

“Really?” Patrick said narrowing his eyes “I don’t think he was communicating with me”

“What do you mean?” York asked, “He created an action you supplied a response: communication” Patrick was watching the lumen that was still lying on the ground in the cell. He debated weather to tell his team what his take on the event was. He knew he was chosen because he would be able to read the lumen and elicit a response better then anyone else. However this did not make him feel comfortable about the part he had to play.

“I think he was trying to connect with me” Patrick said slowly “You said he liked music and that it calmed him. I think he wanted to use music to connect with someone”

“That suggests an emotional response” Williams said but Patrick detected sharpness in her tone. Patrick looked to her confused.

“Yes” Patrick agreed “Why?”

“I think it’s too early to conclude lumen can feel” she replied “In the last 48 hours he’s been caught, dragged, beaten and chained to a floor. I’ve watched him tare at those chains for hours till he bled and his face barely twitched in that whole time. He has shown no outward displays of feeling. The closest we’ve gotten to a measurable emotion has been aggression, which can be found in most predatory animals. I also suspect it was communication not connection he had in mind when he was hitting the ground. Beings can be intelligent without feeling”

“Like people with psychopathy?” Davis asked.

“Exactly” Williams replied.

“Wait” York said suddenly turning to Patrick “If he can’t feel then why did he shove you away? It couldn’t have been the antiseptic stinging”

All four looked back into the room. They remained silent thinking hard for a few minutes before Patrick changed the subject.

“He’s exhausted. We don’t know what lumen eat or drink if they do so at all. We have to find out what he needs to sustain him or we’ll lose our test subject” Patrick masked the pain this idea created well.

“We’ve always worked on the assumption that lumen consume souls and that is what keeps them alive. Maybe he hasn’t consumed a soul recently and if that’s the case there’s nothing we can do” Williams said coolly.

“We’ve also established that lumen can go for a very long time without a soul otherwise there would be none left now, their numbers have dwindled but they are long from extinct” Davis added “Plus his energy levels have been decreasing rapidly since he got here. It’s something he’s not getting in the base that he got outside that’s making him exhausted”

They discussed the differences between the outside world and holding cell for an hour before Davis stood up abruptly from his chair.

“It’s sleep!” Davis exclaimed grinning “Lumen are nocturnal creatures and hate the light. Since he got here last night he’s been involved in high levels of activity and stress. The whole time he’s been here we’ve left the light on in the holding cell to try and subdue him. It’s now 12 pm for us which is the middle of his night”

Patrick couldn’t hide his smile and he too stood patting Davis on the shoulder.

“Good job, looks like we’re going to have to change our schedule around a little” Patrick mused “We’ll turn off the lights and resume our studies later on tonight. Let’s say 8pm. York and Davis, in one hour I want you to come back and see if you can hook the lumen up to any of the machines. Maybe we can get some information while he sleeps; he’ll be less likely to struggle. Williams can you make copies of the security tapes for each of us, we need to go over the lumens interaction with me and try to ascertain why he attacked me”

The members of the team nodded and began setting up for the break. York and Davis moved the machines into the holding cell as close to the lumen as possible so as to make less noise when they came back later. The lumen lay still seemingly ignoring them. Williams made copies of the security tapes and handed them out to each of their colleagues.

“Alright see you in a few hours” Patrick bid his team farewell before leaving the cell. He made his way back to his office and sat down to write a report of all their findings to send to the other leaders. He wrote out carefully every event of progress they’d made up until the lumen’s attack. His eyes flicked over to the DVD Williams had burned for him. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair and replayed the event in his head. He remembered how the lumen’s eyes had watched him and how close they had been. Patrick thought for sure the lumen had hissed when he’d touched the wound on his wrist. He had the feeling that the largest reason William’s had discounted the theory that lumen could feel pain and emotions was that she didn’t want to think that they where all conscious but sadistic murders. She wanted to believe that they where animals that couldn’t think at all. Patrick opened his eyes and put the DVD into his small DVD/TV player. He decided to try and view the situation with her theory in mind. He skipped through to the point where he had knelt down and pressed play. There where 4 different angles to watch and the one that was angled from over the lumen’s shoulder caught Patrick’s eye. It was his own expression that surprised Patrick.

On the small screen he could see it clear as day. There was warmth in Patrick’s movements and expression he didn’t realize he’d shown. While his goggles hid his eyes Patrick could see it in everything else he was doing. He was leaning forward slightly he was moving slowly and gently. Patrick sat back in his chair a little stunned but continued to watch. At the point when he’d spoken Patrick paused and rewound the tape. He played it again in slow motion. He watched the four screens vigilantly and in unison they gave up the truth. The cloth covered the wound on the lumen’s cheek without a single flinch for a full 3 seconds before he attacked Patrick. Patrick sat in shock hand covering his mouth.

“It was the words” Patrick whispered eyes glued to the lumen on the screen “He understood me”

Patrick swore shoving himself out of his chair. He paced his office staring mouth open at the screen, one hand tangled in his short hair. Patrick felt as though his heart had climbed up and wedged itself in his throat. He never really believed the lumen would respond to him. He had thought; how could something without a soul remember or care. Now Patrick knew beyond any doubt that the lumen had remembered him. The lumen hadn’t remembered a song or a face but he’d remembered his own name. In a few hours Patrick knew he would have to return to the holding cell and face the lumen again. Half of him wanted to run down to the cell, he could imagine his legs as he bolted down the metal staircases and towards that door. Half of him never wanted to see the cell again.

* * *

The Ready Set Incident
Part 2

It was almost like a dream the way the black branches of the trees looked like hands curling and reaching for the run down shack. The blue paint was half peeled off and brown boards had replaced some rotted wood here and there. The little ribbons of light shone through the cracks and slats of the house and windows where the only light Joe Trohman could see. The sky above was pitch black and Joe wished the clouds weren’t obscuring the stars and moon. It was a warm night, slightly humid and Joe could feel the sweat on his skin. He could hear music emanating loudly from the shack and despite it’s happy tune it did nothing to set his mind at ease. The large lantern hanging in Joe’s hands rattled and he continuously turned around wary of his surroundings while he made his way to the shack. In the distance he caught a glimpse of the Base 5 and reminded himself he was only a 15 minute run from the safety there. As he grew close to the front door of the shack the noticed in the dust on the door there was several handprints from the kids who where now inside as well the letters ‘TRS’. He banged on the door and saw movement behind the peephole. As the door swung open all the flashing lights inside and the music engulfed him. He felt as if he where being pulled inside and a smile cracked the tense expression on his face.

He staggered into the crowd of kids some clapping and cheering. Several welcomed him to the party while the door was locked behind him. In the middle of the room the parties mastermind Jordan Witzigreuter cavorted. Joe grinned and made his way over. The boy was 20, had shoulder length brown hair and like everyone else in the room was wearing raggedy white clothes.

“Jordan!” Joe called out and grabbed his shoulder. Jordan turned around and grinned from ear to ear.

“Joe you made it!” he said “Welcome to the party”

“Thanks bro thanks. Man this place is going off!” Joe said staring around as people danced and sung, “This is brilliant, hey have you got a torch?”

“Yeah man. Mike torch” Jordan said proudly holding up a microphone that was lit from behind the tiny grill at the top “Hey Sisky’s here, ill go tell him you’ve arrived” Jordan said and shot off into the crowd. A few minutes later Sisky emerged. Sisky had been a friend of Joes before the lumen had overrun the states. He had only discovered Sisky was living in Base 2 recently.

“Joe, how’s it going!?” Sisky laughed shaking Joe’s hand.

“Great, great, how’s everything been going at Base 2?” Joe replied.

“Pretty sweet, we just finished fixing up the old generator so if we have another power out we’ll be fine” Sisky explained, “How is everything at your base? How’s Patrick?”

“Patrick’s great, he’s been handling this leader thing pretty well and Base 5 is the same as ever. Colourful and a little cold” Joe snickered “How has the party been so far?”

“Pretty sweet I mean a few kids are running late but I think there’s gonna be stragglers all night” Sisky explained, “Oh man, I love this song!”

Sisky joined the dancers while Joe studied his surroundings. The small run down shack had been a kind of getaway for the kids of the different bases for years. It had holes in the roof and walls, there was a broken piano in the corner, opposite the piano there was a cupboard and the carpet below their feet was moth bitten and missing chunks. Despite it’s shortcomings it was the only place around that wasn’t made of metal. It was the only place that smelled like wood and dust and for that it was dearly loved. From the rafters and walls hung necklaces and trinkets of kids and adults who had come and gone from this place. Jordan had craftily hung a string of light bulbs that was attached to a devise that staggered the electricity they received making them flash. Joe was almost certain the light bulbs had been stolen from the supply units in Base 5 but turned a smirking blind eye. The windows where barred some with wooden slats that had been nailed over them and some with chicken wire. This made Joe nervous not only because of how easy it would be for the lumen to get in but also how difficult it would be for them to get out quickly. There was only one door in the room and no attic above their heads. On the far side of the room Joe spotted a trap door in the floor. Once he was satisfied he had checked all parts of the room he headed over to pick up some punch.

As the night went on more kids continued to arrive however the later they came the more shaken they where. Some of them said they thought they had seen lights in the woods. Most of the party crowd brushed this off assuming the lights where just other kids on their way as everyone at the party had brought their own torch. Joe uneasily noted nearly none of them had goggles. Jordan began performing again and the party grew giddier with everyone dancing. Though Joe wasn’t completely at ease he joined in too. After a few songs he began to relax and didn’t even notice the knock at the door. Since Jordan was closest he finished up singing and checked who it was through the peephole.

His shoulders sunk a little as he recognized the girl outside. She looked scared. He opened the door without a smile, his verve drained by the sight of her. She stared at him mouth opening into an apologetic smile as she stepped inside. She reached for his hand in a strange way and then suddenly she disappeared into the darkness. From where she had stood a lumen appeared. Joe turned at the sounds of gasps and shouts. Moving through the doorway was a lumen. Joe’s eyes widened in realization and terror.

End Scene

* * *

The days that followed the Lumens attack on Patrick where fairly uneventful. The study resumed with acceptance that for the moment non-one could ascertain exactly why the Lumen had attacked Patrick. Patrick had not told them of his discovery and became less of a presence in the experiments. The team gathered samples and learned that the biology of the Lumen was essentially human except for an unexplained well of energy that kept the Lumen from tiring beyond sleep. The team decided that this explained the lumens unnatural strength and speed. Occasionally the Lumen would struggle all night and the team had taken to studying him partly through the day and partly though the night. It was easier to work on him when he was sleeping.

One week after the attack Patrick came down the hallway to the observation room pulling a trolley behind him. He pulled his goggles up and walked the step or two extra over to the holding cell door window. He stared in at the lumen that was struggling with his chains. Patrick watched him for a few moments as today his hood was pulled back. Patrick hadn’t yet seen him like this and he couldn’t ignore a pang in his chest at the sight of the lumen hoodless. Sitting a few feet from the lumen was a machine. Cables reached from the machine to the Lumen and where attached to his head with small white pads. It didn’t seem to bother the lumen who was more intent on attacking the chains then the pads on his head. The light in the room was dimmed for the lumens comfort, as had been the case for the past few days. Patrick took a deep breath and turned back to the o-room.

He opened the door and the team looked to him with smiles.

“Afternoon Patrick” Williams said while York tilted his head up in greeting and Davis gave a quick wave.

“Hey team. How is everything going?” Patrick asked casually.

“Good, great, he’s all hooked up and ready to go. Did you bring it?” Davis replied unsuccessfully hiding the fact that he was trying to look around Patrick.

“No patience at all” Williams scolded while Patrick stepped aside revealing the trolley.

“I want to go on the record to say if this is damaged one of you three will be getting me a new one” Patrick said darkly.

“They’re rare as hens teeth!” York exclaimed.

“I know” Patrick replied darkly.

On the top rung of the trolley sat Patrick’s prized portable gramophone. The three researchers got up and with childlike curiosity looked the machine over. Patrick opened the lid and let them gaze inside.

“I’ve never seen one of these before” York said.

“I have” Davis said eyeing the label on the lid “Molotov Gramophone. 1950”

“I found it in an antique shop before the army found me” Patrick explained “I felt kind of bad for taking it but the town was a ghost town and I hated to see it go to waste”

“As Davis said before he’s all hooked up and ready to go, we can monitor the patterns his neuron-transmitters fire off from here” Williams said gesturing to the computers screens which now showed simple colorful pictures in the shape of a brain “It’s not going to be as actuate as an MRI but we may be able to get a general idea of what’s going on in his head”

“Excellent” Patrick stated turning to walk out the door “Alright I’m going in”

“What are you gonna play?” York asked as Patrick shut the door. He pushed the trolley over to the holding cell and opened the door. The lumen eyed him with wide glowing eyes and while he continued to struggle his ferocity began to lessen. Patrick shut the door and pushed the trolley into the corner.

“I was thinking Nat King Cole” Patrick said loudly looking through his small collection of vinyls.

“Sounds good” York said over the speakers “ok cutting com now, well only use the radios from here on out” he continued and the speakers went silent.

Patrick pulled the vinyl out of its sleeve and placed it on the record player. He pulled out the handle and began cranking the gramophone. Behind him he could hear the lumen had now stopped struggling completely. Patrick put the needle gently on the record and after a few telltale clicks he turned to watch the lumen.

A soft lilting piano tune took to the air and the lumen sat up straight. Patrick could almost see the lumens ears prick up to hear the sound.

“The classics” Patrick sighed to the lumen. He hadn’t spoken to him since the attack. The smooth gentle voice of Nat King Cole followed the music into the room. It slow danced around Patrick and the lumen. The lumen wasn’t watching the gramophone. He was staring into Patrick’s eyes. In the dim light Patrick thought he could see longing in the lumens features. Patrick’s bottom lip curled under his teeth as he looked to the side and away from the Lumen. He fought every urge to show expression of what he was feeling.

“I know, I chose this song” Patrick whispered, “Don’t worry I’ll put on Fly me to the moon next” The radio on his hip made a tiny beeping noise. Patrick picked it up whispering “yeah?”

“There’s something strange going on, we where monitoring him for an hour before you came for control figures and his brain is acting completely different now. Not only that but something strange is building. We’re not sure what it is yet but keep a close eye on him and be careful, he may be preparing to attack your soul” Williams explained quickly and quietly.

Patrick looked back over to the lumen turning the levers on his goggles to show the least amount of light. Patrick knew too well that when lumen attack and take souls their eyes lightened to blinding proportions. The lumen then would bathe their victim’s retinas in light then using the victim’s pupils see through to the soul take the soul. The lumen had tried to do this to Patrick the first time he saw him. However currently the lumen sat where he had been sitting, eyes normal if not dim. Patrick squinted. Cautiously he turned the leavers on his goggles to let in a little more light.

He could see very clearly that the lumen’s eyes where not getting lighter but in fact where dimming. Patrick was unexpectedly filled with fear. Not fear of the lumen but for him. He fought the urge to run over and instead pulled his radio to his mouth.

“What’s going on Williams, talk to me” Patrick said feverishly “His eyes are dimming, what’s happening?”

“I don’t know…the activity in his brain is still building…perhaps we should abort” Williams said her voice anxious.

“I don’t know, I don’t know” Patrick repeated taking a step towards the lumen. His eyes had grown so dim Patrick could now see the faintest outline of an iris. He had never looked more familiar to Patrick then in that moment. The lumens posture was relaxed, he leaned forward as if wanting to get closer but being held back by his cuffs. Patrick couldn’t hide the concern in his face and then suddenly there was a whispering in his ear. He could almost feel the breath that came with it. The radio slipped away as his fingers loosened. It hit the floor with a crunch. His legs felt week and his heart pounded in his chest.


His now free hand flew to cover his ear and his mouth hung open. The lumens mouth hadn’t moved. The lumen hadn’t budged an inch from where he’d sat leaning forward. Patrick stuttered the lumens name stepping back. He walked backwards till he came to the door. His back lay flat against the door as he watched the lumen.

The com cut over the sound of the music and the lumens eyes immediately began to brighten.

“Patrick are you ok?” It was York.

Patrick stood in silence his mind racing. The lumen spoke. Somehow it had spoken to Patrick. He didn’t take his eyes off the lumen but as it’s eyes brightened Patrick could see what sense of personality he’d had fading from his being. Patrick knew what he had to do. He had to talk to the lumen alone. Patrick knew this was not in aid of the experiment as well as he knew he had to do it. He began to make a plan.

He was falling back. Patrick snapped to attention as he staggered backwards into the hall realizing someone had opened the door he’d been leaning against. His research team surrounded him asking him a barrage of questions.

“I’m fine, I’m fine” Patrick assured them looking past them and thorough the window to the holding cell door “I thought I heard something strange but it must have been the record skipping or something”

“We didn’t hear any skip and you dropped your radio right after the highest spike in the lumens brain activities” Williams replied shining a small medical torch in his eyes “Are you sure nothing else happened?”

“Certain, but just to be sure let’s review the tapes” Patrick said motioning to the o-room. The team looked at each other and after a moment agreed.

An hour passed while they collected and recorded data. While they all worked Patrick stole glances at the lumen inside till there was a knock at the door. Patrick got up and opened it. Standing outside was Joe Trohman. Patrick introduced Joe to the team before they stepped out into the hall to talk.

“So what brings you to this restricted level?” Patrick asked with a quirked eyebrow.

“I hear its not restricted if your close friends with Leader 5. Came to ask if I could do a show about how the experiments are going” Joe asked “I thought it would be good to keep people informed”

“Yeah that actually sounds like a great idea. We could send tapes of the show to the other bases to keep them informed as well” Patrick agreed. He looked at the o-room door for along moment and then back to Joe.

“I want show you something” Patrick said secretively “Because I think you have as much stake in this as me”

Joe frowned curiously.

“Ok, what is it?” Joe asked. Patrick took Joe by the arm and led him over to the door of the holding cell.

“Take a look” Patrick said. Joe looked through the window. Inside the lumen was tugging lazily at his bonds.

“Oh my god” Joe said softly.

“Can you believe it?” Patrick said watching the lumen.

“It’s Pete” Joe said voice a mixture of emotion.

“I know” Patrick said softly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Joe take a step back and looked over. Joe’s face had gone pale and a mixture of fear and sadness controlled his expression.

“What’s wrong Joe?” Patrick said worriedly.

“I didn’t tell you because I thought it would never matter and I didn’t want to upset you” Joe said slowly “But at the Ready Set Incident the lumen who was leading the attack, the one who I can only assume planned it, was Pete”

A/N: Did you miss me peterick fans? It’s been a while. This fic is kind of based in the world of the Love Like Woe video by The Ready Set ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh6Oz-L156c ). I say kind of because i expanded the world with so many original details inspired by the inciting incident in the Love Like Woe video. Like i said this is the closest thing to an original extensive fic i've written so be kind to be cruel. Kid gloves when you comment.


xlindziex wrote:
Jun. 27th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
Oh my God. This was really interesting. You made the 'verse seem so real. I haven't seen the Ready Set video, because I don't really like him lol, but this story makes me want to watch the video just to get a better idea of what's going on. Maybe I will later.

But I really can't wait to read more of this.
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:14 pm (UTC)
you should watch the vid :) i ended up finishing this fic quite a while ago (i will totally understand if you are more then over it/ have forgotten it) but the other half is here if you want it http://seraph5.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=144#/d306qmb thank you for this comment from the bottom of my heart i only just received it (2 years late i know).
(no subject) - xarmaangelusx - Jun. 28th, 2010 06:40 am (UTC)
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:20 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for giving me and my writing so much praise. I really qorked quite hard on this one and went on to finish it. i only just checked my live journal (i left it because i felt like no-one was really commenting here) and only just received this message. if you are still interested in reading the end of the fic it is here - http://seraph5.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=144#/d306qmb
tromaniac_2010 wrote:
Jul. 9th, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)
This is an amazing story so far! I love the way how you gave emotion to Pete even though he's inhuman. I do wonder what was the trigger for him when Patrick said his name...Anyway I'm in love with this and hope you write more towards it!
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:09 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for saying so! i did end up finishing it i don't know if you ever read it to the end but i appreciate your comments.
orangesoda_love wrote:
Jul. 9th, 2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
lovin this. can't wait for more! i think my favorite part was when lumen!pete mindtalked with patrick. can't wait to see how this develops.

i'm glad you're writing again too. :)
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:18 pm (UTC)
hey :) i'm so glad you liked this so much. if you still want to read the second half it is here http://seraph5.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=144#/d306qmb i really appreciate your comment and i'm so sorry i didn't reply sooner (years sooner *head-desk*)
mattiecanadaeh wrote:
Jul. 10th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
This is so incredible already! I'm eager to read more but...*flails* There is no more! Please tell me there will be more soon? Please! I'm waiting eagerly for more of this wonderful story!
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:17 pm (UTC)
i am so so so sorry. i only just got this comment. i finished this fic a long time ago and if you want the second half it is here - http://seraph5.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=144#/d306qmb thank you so much for your kind words and interest. i really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart
kissingwalls wrote:
Sep. 20th, 2010 07:01 am (UTC)
I read this back in July and never left a comment, but it definitely deserves one. I just reread it and I really can't express how amazing this is. I have just seen the music video for Love Like Woe a week or so before I first read this and if anything, you took the amazing concept of the video and multiplied it tenfold. I don't even know what to say when I comment on this, but I really like it. The idea that it's sort of post-apoc. just makes the music video make more sense to me, haha. Your whole plot and set up of this just blew me away. Really? I think you did a fantastic job and I hope that in future there's more of this. And if there isn't, I'll probably just keep reading this over and over. It's definitely going into my mems. <3
seraph05 wrote:
Jul. 24th, 2012 12:07 pm (UTC)
it does my heart so good to hear you say such things :') and everything you have mentioned is everything i tried so hard to emulate. i really wanted to create this whole world. I did have an idea for a sequel but it kind of got lost in the next fic i started to write. i really do appreciate this comment with all my heart and if you look into my history i've written several other fall out boy stories i'd love for you to read if it's ever what you want. i know this comment is very old (i left LJ a long time ago and really only posted not bothering to check comments cause i didn't feel like i was getting any) and i wished i had earlier cause even now this means so much to me. i did finish this story (i don't know if you ended up reading the other chapters) if you didn't and you're still interested i will be more then happy to provide you with links. thank you again for your time, attention and comment *hugs*



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